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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Markham] Gal's Sushi

Review Location:
3621 Hwy 7
Markham, Ontario
(Major Intersection: Hwy 7 & Warden Ave)

I've been to Gal's a couple of times, and I have never been disappointed. Each time they have served  consistently fresh fish, great service, and attention to presentation. Definitely a go-to place whenever the sushi cravings arise!

I'm all about  the appetizers, so was delighted when they served my two favourite ones: glass noodle and potato. The glass noodles isn't too oily, and the potato is cooked soft with a sweet glaze. The fact that it was unlimited was a bonus!

"Gal Combi" ($37.99) -20 peice sashimi,12 peice sushi (uni, hamachi, tuna unagi, salmon, scallopi) and 6 peice dynamite maki

It may not look like a lot in the picture, but this was enough to fill two people sufficiently. If you like raw fish, you can't go wrong ordering sashimi at Gal's. The fish is so fresh, and nicely sized. Whenever I come here I always end up ordering some sort of sushi set because they usually offer a nice mixture of rolls, sashimi and sushi, with a wide variety of fish. The rice ratio and composition of the sushi is also just the way I like it, with minimal rice, and more fish!

Offered in the Gal Combi are a couple of items that you don't normally see served. The first one is uni. I know a lot of places in Toronto offer this, but most only do so on an a la cart basis. And even still, I'm not sure how many can actually serve it well. I've had uni a couple times elsewhere, and at times found it tasting repulsively fishy. This wasn't the case at Gal's, and actually found it quite tasty. The second more interestingly served item, is this oval shaped piece of sashimi. I'm not exactly sure what it's called or what it is, but it tastes almost like a calamari stuffed with caviar. The outside is chewy like octopus, and the inside are little round crunchy pearls that resemble fish roe. Was definitely something new for me.

At the end of the meal they serve you some complimentary peices of fruit, and this red bean jelly dessert. I was stuffed at this point, so it was nice to end off on some lighter post-meal desserts. Another satisfying meal at Gal's!

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