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Monday, November 21, 2011

[Taiwan] Rice Sandwich @ Family Mart

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIn western society, breads and buns make a majority of the grain intake. However in Asian cultures, rice is the much preferred grain medium. I don't think there's a day that goes by where my parents don't cook rice at home for dinner. Given its cultural significance, I decided to blog about my first experience eating...a rice sandwich! I know convenience store food isn't the most interesting to read about, and unfortunately this wouldn't be my first of such posts. I promise I'll try to keep this at a minimum for the future!

The rice sandwich is definitely not a new concept. Mcdonalds has had the McRice Burger since before 2005, and is found in multiple countries in Asia. And while I've heard about its existence for a while, I never actually ever tried it...until now.

We picked up this much anticipated sandwich at a local Family Mart in Taiwan. Unfortunately this wasn't any classy restaurant, but I think the integrity of it is all there : a meat patty between two rice buns.

Just like there are 7-Elevens everywhere in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, there is an abundance of Family Mart convenience stores. They're conveniently open 24-hours equipped with all the necessities as well as food and drinks!

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Only in Taiwan can you find tea leaf eggs and baked yams at a convenience store.

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Huge funky looking buns kept warm in the stand-up oven.

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Found you! It comes in different types of meet including beef, chicken, and pork.

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Chicken Rice Sandwich (NT49 or $1.63 CAD)

I went with the chicken :) Off to the microwave it goes for re-heating, straight in the bag!

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The package is easy to open, and you can eat right out of the package after heating it up briefly. Helps with not getting your hands dirty! There is a thinly made egg wrapped around a bed of rice and a fillet of chicken. I am pleased to say the egg did not taste that artificial! Just a bit dry. But understandably it would be that way after being nuked in the microwave for so long. The rice on the other hand, kept it's moisture without being mushy. That was pretty key.

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I was really impressed by the chicken. I thought it would taste like an overly msg'd piece of rubber, but it actually closely resembled what grilled chicken should taste like. I wouldn't choose it over a gourmet cooked piece of meat, but it was

My thoughts? It was definitely not as processed as I thought it would taste. In regards to my first experience with the rice burger, to be honest, it all tastes the same once its in your mouth. I guess it's really just the novelty and convenience of having to hold your rice instead of having it in a bowl and using a spoon. Oh well, had to try at least once!