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Thursday, January 26, 2012

[Toronto] Wvrst

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609 King Street W.
Toronto, Ontario

Inspired by Munich style beer halls, Wvrst (@WVRSTbeerhall ) opened mid last year in the Toronto King West area, serving up some exotic sausages and a wide variety of beers. I've been wanting to try this place since it opened and luckily I was able to find someone who was yet to have tried it.  Thanks for coming with me Justine! In a nutshell, this place is like Oktoberfest, and now you can have it everyday at Wvrst!

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Wvrst  definitely has flavours of a European sausage and beer hall, and really reminded me of Oktoberfest (except nicer). It's spacious and dimly lit with with ceiling strung lights --a casually comfortable place.

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Wvrst Menu

Scattered around the hall tables were these long sheets of recycled paper which would be the menu. If you're looking for something other than fries, sausages, and alcohol, you're probably at the wrong place. The menu is simple, but the numerous options lie in the type of each you fancy.

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At the back of the establishment there is a long open space that leads up to a rather small counter where you order and pay. I imagine this empty space is filled up by a line up during busier lunch hours. It wasn't too bad on the Tuesday night that we went.

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A small counter to place your order

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Sausage Display Case

The display case is neatly organized with all the different sausages that they have. If you're in the mood for some exotic meats, then you're in luck. They have everything from kangaroo to venison, rabbit to guinea fowl. Justine and I weren't too appetized looking at it, but after we managed to get over its appearance we went up to the counter to order.

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Condiment Bottles

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They have quite a number of beers here, bottled and on tap. Definitely not as many as a place like Beer Bistro might have, but more than just your commonly seen brews. Justine opted for the San Pellegrino Orange, and me an Austrailian beer Stiegl. Figured it was only fitting that I had a beer in the given setting!

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Bratwvrst ($6) -Veal, Pork, and Wine

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Duck ($9) -Maple and Fois Gras
These contemporary European sausages for the most part were quite good. Juicy and full of flavour. Didn't feel like I was eating a super artificial chunk of meat like I do having hot dogs from street vendors. In terms of flavour, I think it really depends on the sausage you order. You could definitely taste the fois gras in the Duck sausage, which was something Justine didn't enjoy too much. I didn't mind it and found it to be an interesting combination, but I definitely liked the Bratwvrst more. I'd like to add that these sausages are quite small, and even with my small appetite I was unsatisfied having just the one hot dog.

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Duck Fat Fries ($4.50)
Lots of other food enthusiasts raved about these fries, so we ordered a serving to share. Perhaps it was the heightened expectations from all the amazing reviews, but these duck fat fries fell just a bit short. They were full bodied, thick, and buttery, but they just weren't amazing. To be honest, I couldn't differentiate what difference the duck fat had on the fries compared to the ones made in regular oil. The order of fries comes with one dipping sauce, and the Wvrst Spicy we chose was great. Definitely not the best fries I've had, but they are quite tasty still, and would easily satisfy those random starchy fry cravings.

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One last thing to note, is that they are big on leafs games here! They have a ticket giveaway at around 6:30pm the night of every Leaf's game at the Air Canada Center. With TV's all around the dining hall and tables that encourage conversation, it would be a great place to go catch the game along with a couple of drinks. But be warned, it might get pretty rowdy later in the night with cheering Leafs fans who've had a couple drinks or two!

(If you want more pictures and thoughts about the food that night, check out Justine's post! =]  )

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