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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[Kensington Market] El Trompo Taco Bar

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277 Augusta Avenue
 Toronto, Ontario

Last week I went on my very first food crawl with Andrew (@_aneb), Justine (@foodigatorJ), and Chieu (@chieunghi). I didn't know what to expect, but I made sure I showed up with a hungry appetite and a comfortable pair of shoes. Good thing, because I definitely needed both of those that night!

El Trompo Taco Bar was the first location we hit up. Located in the kensington area, you really can't help have a glance at it as you walk by. It's painted completely bright red, with a starkly contrasting yellow sign. Somewhat of ann eye sore, and adorable at the same time.

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El Trompo Taco Bar

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Walking in, you are greeted with an open kitchen on the side where you can see the chef preparing tacos on the table top stove, as well as countless baskets of corn chips. At that point, I am suddenly very appetized!

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The first thing we ordered was the Guacamole that I've heard so many good things about.

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Guacamole ($6.96) -spicy avacado sip prepared with tomato, chili, onion and coriander, served with corn chips

The Guacamole was served almost immediately, which was good because most of us were hungry. It comes in a seemingly small bowl, but as you work your way through you realize how much it can actually hold. Not to worry, with a bottomless basket of corn chips, no one was complaining! The Guacamole was refreshing, not heavy, and extremely smooth. It was tasty, and definitely lived up to it's praise.

Shortly after, all the tacos we ordered came at once.

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Spicy Tinga Chicken ($9.75) - Four corn tortillas filled with chicken cooked in a tomato and
smoked chipotle pepper sauce

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Chuleta ($9.75) -Grilled pork chop and onion tacos, served with coriander, onion and lemon

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Chorizo($9.75) - Our home made mexican style sausage served with coriander, onion, and lime

Each taco order came with five soft warm tortillas topped off with different ingredients, making them small but filling. All three plates of tacos we ordered were authentic and tasty, but my favourite would definitely be the Chuleta. Unlike the other two, the Chuleta tacos weren't filled with minced meat. Instead it was diced, which I felt gave it a much better texture. However, taste wise I'd have to go with the Chorizo. Excellent seasoning in that homemade sausage.

So would I come back to El Trompo? Definitely. Amazing guacamole, authentic tacos, reasonable prices, and portions that are very sharable. Great first pit stop for my first food crawl! Stay tuned for to read about the other places I ate at that night!:)

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