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Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Boston] Miracle of Science Bar

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321 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

When I think Boston, I think of a city with lots of water, beans (it must be called Beantown for something!) and colleges. If I was right about one thing, it's the college presence! The MIT and Harvard campuses were absolutely beautiful. So it wasn't a surprise that one of the meals we had in Boston ended up being at a student hangout spot, next to MIT: Miracle of Science Bar (@MiracleScience).

Known for having one of the first open concept restaurants in Boston, they embrace the geek-chic science theme into their decor. As noted on their website, "This place is always packed with artists, musicians, geo physicists and computer gurus who know they don't have to go anywhere else looking for a good time."

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Miracle of Science

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The Venue

At first glance the bar looks just like any other bar, but there are subtle details here and there that incorporate into the science theme. A periodic table, pictures of famous scientists, and furniture made from lab equipment. The place is quite cozy, and is definitely somewhere that encourages conversation over beers.

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The Menu

When we finally got around to ordering food and drinks, I made the error of asking for a menu. The waitress smiled, and pointed to the gigantic chalkboard resembling a periodic table on the wall. Turns out, that's the menu! I love how all food items are listed with a simplified two letter abbreviation, just like the symbols on a periodic table! I guess if "Chicken Quesadilla" ever becomes too much of a mouthful to say at once, you now have the option of mouthing a 2 letter symbol, Qc.

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Harpoon IPA ($5) and Allagash ($5)

$5 dollar beers to go along with our food, can't ask for more!

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Burger ($10)

The waitress recommended the Burger and we ordered just that. Cooked to your preference, the medium rare came out a little overcooked. The patty looked a bit dry at first, but the meat was actually quite moist. My biggest complaint was the lack of seasoning, but nothing an extra shake of salt and pepper can't fix.

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Burger patty, not as dry as it looks!

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Beef and Chicken Skewer Combo ($11)

The Skewers were also a waitress recommendation. And so we ordered the combo that came with 2 skewers and a whole bunch of fixings. The meat came out perfectly cooked and more appropriately seasoned than the burger. The beef skewer was tender like steak! But my favourite part of the dish was definitely the sauces. A potent peanut butter sauce and spicy apricot jam gave everything an extra flavourful kick. Went well even with the coleslaw and bean salad!

While the food here isn't top notch fine dining, the place does encompass a certain casual relaxed atmosphere and a simplistic menu that easily makes it a popular college bar. And with $5 beers and a fully stocked bar? I'm down.

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