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Sunday, November 10, 2013

[San Francisco] Sotto Mare

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552 Green Street
San Francisco, California
United States 94133


After what seems like an eternity of a blogging hiatus, I've accumulated quite a couple dining locations that deserve notable mention on my food blog! Where to start, how about all the AWESOME food from along the west coast?!

That's right. A couple months ago I embarked on one of the most highly recommended road trips in North America - the pacific coast highway drive. Not only is a treat on the eyes with its scenic routes, it's a treat for the tummy as well!

My adventure started in San Francisco, which is a haven of seafood. After a convincing recommendation from one of my coworkers, I stopped by Sotto Mare for a light weekday lunch.

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Sotto Mare

Despite being a weekday, this cozy diner-like restaurant was packed! Luckily we had a reservation so wait times were minimal. Make sure to plan ahead if you want to try this place out!

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It's cozy in here!

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Table Bread

Shortly after we are seated, a basket of toasty bread arrives. Kept our rumbling stomachs tied over while we pondered the menu.

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The Menu

The menu is straight forward, streamlined with only a few options. Makes ordering easy! Seeing as it was a light lunch, we ordered two items, and a Clam/Mussel Steamer, and the Cioppino.

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Mussel/Clam Steamers ($19) - served in broth

A generous portion cooked mussels and clams. Simple and tasty.

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Cioppino Pot

The Cioppino comes in a huge and heavy metal pot and is unlidded in front of you. The menu describes it as sufficient for two, but really, this was enough for three!

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The Best Damn Crab Cioppino ($38)-"enough for two"

Let me start by saying that I had no idea what a Cioppino when I walked into the restaurant. But I mean when something is labelled as the "BEST DAMN" anything on the menu, you kinda have to order it. If you are clueless about this San Francisco specialty as I was, in short its a mix both of seafood and pasta goodness. Think a west coast version of a bouillabaisse.

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Yum :)

Thanks for a satisfying San Francisco meal, Sotto Mare! :)

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