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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Santa Barbara] La Super-Rica Taqueria

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622 North Milpas Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
(805) 963-4940

For anyone thinking of doing the Pacific Coast Highway drive in California, Santa Barbara is a must see destination. Aside from the historic Santa Barbara County Courthouse being a beautiful landmark of architecture with an amazing view a top the tower, it also has some of the best Mexican food! A quick search on Google returned top Mexican restaurants and eateries, and so one afternoon Rob and I picked out La Super-Rica to try out. I mean when Julia Child proclaims this to be her favourite Santa Barbara spot, there's really no reason not to.

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La Super-Rica Taqueria

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Order Counter

La Super Rica is quite low-key, almost looking like a food stand from the outside. A small entrance leads to an ordering counter, where a friendly gentleman takes orders selected from a numbered board on the side of the wall. I couldn't pronounce half the words on the menu, so I guess that number system came in handy! And if the long line ups were any indication, this was going to be one darn good meal.

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Bohemia ($3)

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Guacamole ($3.25)- served with two homemade corn tortillas

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Lornito Suizo ($3.5)- grilled marinated pork with melted cheese bewtween 2 corn tortillas

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Rajas ($3.95)- sauteed strips of chile pasillas with onions, melted cheese and herbs on 2 corn tortillas

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Super-Rica Especial ($8.60)- roasted chile pasilla stuffed with cheese with marinated pork and 3 tortillas

As all the online hype and lengthy line ups may convey, this WAS indeed a memorable meal. The Guacamole was outstanding. It was a chunkier style dip that would've been amazing with crunchy chips, but the home made corn tortillas did the trick just as easily. My favourite was one of their most popular dishes, the Super-Rica Especial. A deliciously spicy marinated pork alongside peppers stuffed with a heap load of cheese. In fact, just about everything on the menu comes with an abundance of cheese. Makes it that much better! Everything was simple, but on point.

Conclusion? Loved it. There isn't much to look at at Super-Rica, but you won't really need it when you're stuffing your face with really tasty, (not to mention very affordable Mexican fare). And to have stood in the same line that the Julia Child once did? That part is priceless.

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