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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[Richmond Hill] Mitsui

Review Location:
10815 Bathurst Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
(Major Intersection: Bathurst and Elgin Mills)

I'm on a roll with these sushi posts eh? Well this is actually a delayed post. Somehow a whole bunch of my pictures got archived before I had a chance to go through and pick out the ones I wanted to blog about, so be prepared for some backdated posts!

I actually went to Mutsui around March with Elina on a double date. We didn't actually plan it that way, it just so happened. Feels weird referring to it as that now... Anyhoos, this restaurant is right around where I live, and typically when you live this far north away from the city, there isn't much good food. But this place really exceeded my expectations, and I'm definitely short listing this place to combat future sushi and bubble teal cravings! (yes they serve both, this is heaven!)

The restaurant is located in a small strip plaza right at the corner of Elgin Mills and Bathurst. Some would probably say that this is the "middle of nowhere" since there really is nothing much around besides residential houses. The next closest well known landmark would be All Star Wings which is actually now a Puckn' Wings. When you walk in, you notice the restaurant is in an big "L" shape which surrounds the sushi bar. Off to the side is a smaller bar area designated for bubble tea making. It's actually larger than most privately owned sushi joints, and there was a huge party of 15-18 people eating when we got there. After sitting down, Elina and her boyfriend order, since it was my first time and they were much more familiar with the menu!

 Left: Green Apple Bubble Tea, Right: Lychee Bubble Tea
Seeing as this was a sushi and bubble tea joint, I felt somewhat obligated to order a drink. I got the Lychee one on the right, and it wasn't bad at all! No powdery after taste like most smaller privately owned tea shops.The bubbles were a little softer than I would've liked them, but nowhere close to being soggy. No bad for only $4.

"Miso Soup"

"Tempura Salmon"
I'm sure many people have had tempura countless times, but salmon tempura isn't something you see on very many menus. This was the first time I tried it, and really enjoyed it! Despite being battered and deep fried, the salmon still kept it's flavour.

"Lobster Roll"
I was pretty excited to try this roll purely based on its menu description. The huge roll comes stuffed with lightly battered lobster, cucumber, tobiko, and has a warm cheese and sake sauce poured on top. The rice on all their rolls were generally pretty thin, so each bite is just jam packed with flavour and ingredients. Usually that's a good thing, but with this roll in particular, I found the savory cheese sauce and the lobster definitely could have used some rice to balance off the richness. Roll was so filling!

 Left: "Spicy Salmon", Top: "Magic Mango", Right: "Pineapple Dream"
These rolls were not as gigantic as the lobster roll, but were all still pretty good. I particularly enjoyed the fruit rolls because they were really refreshing. The Magic Mango was my favourite because not only comes with Mango on the inside and Mango Puree on top, it had a generous slice of salmon sashimi on top. The pinapple dream roll came with a bit of spice, and I actually found it to be more spicy than the spicy salmon roll. There is also a "Crazy Apple" roll on the menu (that I had another time) which comes with apples and smoked salmon. Delish!

A la cart sushi and sashimi: Salmon, White tuna, Eel, Roe, Hamachi, Scallop
Fresh, fresh, and more fresh. The fish were fairly portioned, and there wasn't anything noticeable to point out. The hamachi and scallop sashimi were definitely the highlights.You also can't go wrong with the salmon. 

"Eel Fried Rice"
I typically don't like ordering fried rice from Japanese places because it takes away valuable space which I can use to eat other better things, but this one I actually didn't mind. It might have something to do with the fact that it was seasoned with whatever sauce they use to glaze eel sushi, so it just tasted like eating sushi! Also helped that it had generous portions of chopped up eel, vegetables, and flying fish roes.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this experience. Mitsui has great service, fast food preparation, and prices that were very reasonable. Aside from having decent food, what will probably keep me coming back is definitely the variety and uniqueness of their menu. Oh yeah, I guess the proximity to my house might play a factor too.

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