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Monday, June 27, 2011

Woo Buffet

Review Location:
10 Dundas Street E
Toronto Ontario
(Main Intersection: Dundas St and Yonge St)

Buffets are usually pretty difficult to blog about since there's so much variability in the food served, but I had such an interesting experience at Woo, that I thought I would share. I went for dinner on a Saturday night, and the atmosphere of the place was absolutely amazing. You might mistaken yourself for going into a club when you first get inside, because every part about it resembles one!
(Edit: Apparently I've been told it IS a club after dining hours. This all makes sense now! Haha)

Stairs to the restaurant

 The Bar Area + DJ

Sapporo Glass Wall
You encounter a long flight of stairs leading up to the restaurant, and a fancy padded booth as a waiting area for tables. Make sure you make reservations on the weekend, because it was packed! The hostesses were so friendly and polite, it made the wait more bearable. We got a seat right in front of the bar, at a table that resembled a booth at a club. The DJ was at the bar infront of us mixing music all night long. The music is loud, but not ear piercing. During dinner, Rob commented that "This is the best music I've ever heard in my life" when the song "Everytime You Need Me" by Fragma came on. His opinion was perhaps an overstatement, but the music was indeed very very good. It was all upbeat popular hits, similar to what they would play at clubs, but better! Even the waitresses were dressed and done up similar to servers and bartenders you'd find at a club  My favourite part about the place was the wall of Sapporo glasses that separated a section of tables. I imagine the club-like decor and atmosphere is what brings in the huge amount of younger people to Woo. At one point we saw a couple people doing shots at the bar!

Plates of food

I'm not too big of an eater so I probably don't have too complete a photo coverage of the food. I probably tried half of the choices. A little bit of research online shows that the owner of Woo buffet is someone related to the owners of Starwalk. That being said, the cuisine is a very similar Asian fusion . The standard sushi bar, dim sum, and stir-frys are all present. Sushi is something they only serve at dinner, but it's not really that great. The salmon is tolerable, but the makarel and everything else wasn't too good. It might have just been a craving, but for whatever reason me and Rob both thought the California rolls were really good. I also found the cooked food wasn't too bad for buffet standards. There was a lot of variety, and they didn't skimp out on the ingredients. The chicken skewer and vegetable prawn stir fry that were both commendable.

Overall not a bad place if you're feeling for a lively buffet. Lots of reviews online gave it some terrible reviews, but I think it's unfair to judge a buffet on restaurant quality benchmarks. The food is not exceptional, but afterall it is all you can eat. Among buffet standards, I would rank the food sufficient, if not above average. The club resemblance also attracted some negative feedback, but I found it was the environment which really made the dining experience stand out from all the other buffets. This ambiance definitely isn't for everyone, but who would've thought eating dinner in a club could be made enjoyable?

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