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Friday, July 8, 2011

[Las Vegas] The Henry (Cosmopolitan Hotel)

Location Review:
(inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel)
708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, Nevada

VIVA LAS VEGAS! For Canada day weekend I headed over to the city that never sleeps. Amongst the relaxing, sun tanning, gambling, celeb-seeing, shopping, and partying, I made sure I left some time for my favourite hobby of all time -eating!

For the duration of the trip, we stayed at The Cosmopolitan Hotel  that just opened last new year's eve, making it the newest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip! If this was a hotels review blog, I would tell you that The Cosmo is probably the trendiest, most glamorous modern hotel I've been to, and how I can never stay at another hotel in Las Vegas again. But since this is a food blog, I won't.

The Henry is located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the main floor right next to the Chandelier Bar (fun fact of the day, the chandelier hanging over the chandelier bar is actually the largest chandelier in North America!). It has a pink and mahogany theme to it, and was comfortable yet classy with its comfy padded seats and chic decor. 
Chandelier Bar next to The Henry
Inside of the Restaurant

The type of food they serve here are mainly classics like burgers, fish and chips, and pot pies. Since this was vegas, I decided to go all out and order lobster for brunch. It was in sandwich form, but I guess its the thought that counts!

"Maine Lobster Cub" ($19)- Bacon avacado, citrus aioli, with your choice of fries, truffle tater tots or fresh fruit

The club was very good. It had chunky pieces of lobster tossed in a light mayo with a hint of lemon and parsley. In combination with the tomato and avacado, this sandwich was very refreshing...perfect for the Vegas weather! Even something so simple as a side of tater tots were delicious. They were deep fried so crispy and hot, and sprinkled with seasoned salt and truffles.  I don't know if I can go back to regular tots now. 

"The Henry" ($16) - three eggs, slab bacon, smoked ham, apple sausage, taylor ham or country link sausage with Henry's breakfast potato 

Most other people ordered regular brunch food. They serve all day breakfast here, and there is a Henry's special that is a pretty hefty plate of breakfast items. It doesn't look that big in the picture, but I for one would definitely not be able to finish this as the first meal of the day.

"Chicken Pot Pie" ($17) - slow roasted chicken, braised vegetables & pan gravy

Rob ordered the chicken pot pie, and it was a ridiculously large portion, even for a guy. It was served in a huge bowl filled with a hearty chicken stew, baked with a crunchy pastry layer on top. When I think of chicken pot pie, I think of a salty corn starch concotion with either fist size or non-existent pieces of chicken, green peas, and a pastry that becomes soggy on the bottom by the end of the meal. At The Henry, the chicken pieces were reasonably sized and wasn't the least bit dry. The stew had lots of other vegetables like potato, mushroom and carrots, and wasn't too salty. Tasty and filling! 

Really enjoyed this meal, definitely recommend this as a breakfast/brunch place. Make sure you come hungry though!

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