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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[Vaughan] Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

Review Location:
9360 Bathurst Street
Vaughan, Ontario
(major intersection: Bathurst St. & 16th Ave)

In recognition of the scorching summer weather that we are finally getting here in Toronto, one night Rob and I went out for some chilled treats after dinner. Usually Mcdonalds is my go-to ice cream place, but decided to be adventurous and try out this new Menchie's location that opened up. Menchie's a frozen yogurt franchise that originated in the United States, but has locations all over the world including 2 in the Toronto region. Basically you build your own frozen yogurt and customize everything that goes into your cup. That being said, this was a dessert heaven for me!
Menchie's Storefront - Vaughan Location. Look how many people there are here, even at like 10:30pm!

Inside the store. -Don't be fooled by the lack of people in this picture. I had to wait until the very end to take this picture because it was so packed when we first arrived! It's a pretty smart layout for a self serve concept, with one way traffic circling around the centre cashier island.

The self serve machines. -They had some pretty wacky flavours, like Jolly Rancher!

Because of the vast selection of frozen yogurt, they offer these little trial cups where you can go and squeeze out a sample to taste. If there weren't so many people at the yogurt bar at the time, I would've tried them all!

All the toppings
There is a pretty extensive selection of toppings so the possibilities were endless!  If this wasn't pay by weight, I would've gone crazy and put everything possible in it. Can't go wrong with a ensemble of all things good! Everything in your cup is charged out at 55 cents per ounce. I imagine it could get quite expensive if you filled the large cup they give you all the way up!

The Final Product 
Ended up trying Peanut Butter, Regular Yogurt, and Vanilla frozen yogurt. We topped the peanut butter with Skor bits, and that was by favour the best one of the three! The Regular Yogurt I thought would taste like Yogen Fruz but it actually tasted more similar to real yogurt with a pronounced sourness. Would've tasted great with fruit, but it would taste exactly like supermarket fruit bottom yogurt.

At the end of it, I was pretty satisfied. I find the frozen yogurt here tasted a lot better than Yogen Fruz, but it was significantly pricer in comparison. The novelty of the self serve experience probably justifies a big part of the premium. Just like the cup says, Menchie's made me smile! But I'm not alone. There is a big wall on the side displaying some of the celebrities that have been spotted at the many Menchie's locations. Try it out sometime before the beautiful summer weather ends!

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