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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[Hong Kong] Genki Sushi (元気寿司)

Location Review: 
Shop 115-116, 1/F, Fortune City One, Shatin, Hong Kong

Though its lost a bit of its hype and popularity, conveyor belt sushi is still one of my faves. While there are lots of places to have conveyor belt sushi in Hong Kong, I always end up coming back to Genki because it's close to where I live and can satisfy the sudden cravings. For those unfamiliar with the concept, conveyor belt sushi (also referred to as rotating sushi, 回転寿司), is where plates of sushi are placed on a conveyor belt and rotate around a circular belt structured to reach all or most of the dining guests of the restaurant. Sushi chefs continually replenish the belt, and the bill is settled based on the amount and type of sushi ordered (usually distinguished by the colour of the plate). Of course, if you are impatient to wait and watch for your item to come around the belt, there is an a la cart menu for sushi, as well as set meals.

I got here sometime after the lunch rush, and get a nice seat next to the conveyor belt. Usually I want to sit next to where the chef is so I can see what he's making and have first dibbs on what he puts out, but since it wasn't too busy, I didn't mind sitting further away. 

Left: Genki logo'd bowls and plates, Right: the conveyor belt

Left: "Salamon Sashimi" off the belt ($38HKD), Right: "Sweet Shrimp Sushi" off the belt ($16HKD)

Left: "Soft Shell Crab Handroll" ($18 HKD), Right: "Chirashi Lunch Set" ($58 HKD)

The sushi in general was not bad. The fish quality is alright, but the sushi composition consistency could have been better. Some pieces were perfectly held, while others would just fall apart when I tried to pick it up. I also encountered one piece of salmon sashimi that was still ever so slightly frozen on the inside. I presume this is done anticipating some items to be rotating for a while before someone eats it, allowing for thaw time. 

The Chirashi don was a tasty one, thought I must admit there was more rice than I would've liked. I ended up leaving a lot of the rice behind, and felt it was a really big waste. I also should advise, that there isn't much variety of fish in this one. It's primarily salmon, with a couple scallops here and there, topped with egg roe and shredded egg. If you're looking for a variety of fish, this isn't the dish to find it.

Interesting tidbit, "genki" in Japanese translates to energetic, well, or full of life". Did eating here make me any more "genki"? Nope. But would I come back? Most certainly. In fact, during my short duration in Hong Kong, I ended up coming here twice.  At Genki, aside from the year round items, they have a seasonal menu that changes very frequently. The second time, we came at 3pm and had their "Summer Special" afternoon tea sets.

Seasonal Sushi Set C ($43 HKD)

Seasonal Sushi Set B ($43 HKD)

We didn't order anything from the belt this time, because these set lunches turned out to be just enough food. My opinions of the sushi is similar to my first visit above, but I really enjoyed the seared salmon and shrimp in  the Sushi Set B. The sauce and flakes of seasoning gave it an interesting smokey flavour. I wouldn't doubt if it's just flakes of char, but it worked. Top it off with some deep fried dumplings, deep fried potato cakes, and perfectly cooked udon, and it was thoroughly satisfying!