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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[Hong Kong] Street Style Noodles @ 川婆婆串串香

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Shop G20, GI MAIl, 34 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
尖沙咀加連威老道34號GI Mall G20號舖

One of the great things about Hong Kong, is that there is literally food everywhere. One day when I was shopping with some girlfriends, amidst all the "exercise" we were getting, we grew hungry and decided to go on a street food hunt. We had a couple of snacks, before stumbling on a tiny store selling cart style noodles.

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The seating & eating area to the side of the store

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Choice of ingredients

Like an ice cream parlour, all the add-ons to your noodles are displayed in buckets through a display case. You can add as many ingredients as you'd like, and you pay per item chosen (approximately $3 per item).

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Noodles all lined up to be cooked

They use some sort of greyish flat rice noodle here, and when cooked they become transparent. The bowl at the very top is someone else's cooked order with spicy soup.

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Big pot of soup stock cooking multiple orders of noodles at the same time

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A small place run by one person. Order taker, cash handler, ingredients picker, noodle cooker, it's all her! That being said it's probably not the most sanitary of places.

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Noodles with 4 ingredients ($26 HKD) : enoki mushrooms, sausages, cheese fish balls, some veggies, and fish cakes

Our yummy bowl of noodles! I probably should've stirred up the bowl so you could see the translucent noodles, but at least you can see a couple strands peeping out at the edges of the bowl. You can have a choice of spicy or non-spicy soup base, but seeing how red the spicy bowls came out, we opted to go for the milder tasting.

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My girlfriends eating at the designated eating area. 

They have a couple of high chairs for you to sit on, but there's definitely not enough room to accommodate the amount of customers. I don't know how they expect you to eat this without a surface to place your bowl on, because that plastic bowl got really hot with the boiling soup! The noodles were super smooth and slippery, that it was difficult to pick up with the chopsticks (or eat graciously..). It was worth the effort though, because it was so tasty!