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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Liberty Village] Raaw Sushi

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171 E Liberty Street
Toronto, Ontario

Located in a corridor of the Liberty Market Building, Raaw Sushi serves up some delicious food at a reasonable price point. Everything about Raaw Sushi is a simple: the decor, the menu, the overall experience. But that is not to undermine the food. Although it was a Wagjag voucher that brought me here the first time, I've been back many times. It's a great spot in the King West area looking if you're looking some good Japanese food.

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Raaw Restaurant

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Sushi Bar

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Dining Room

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Raaw Menu

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"Bonzai Maki" ($11)- eel, salmon, tuna, avacado, tempura bits, spicy sauce wrapped in cucumber

Rob and I tried the Bonzai Maki the first time we came, and we've ordered it each succeeding time after. It's such an interesting roll, and its not something you commonly see on menus. I love how refreshing this roll is. There is no rice, no seaweed, and it's jam packed with sizable peices of fish, imitation crab, fish roe, wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber. It is delicious, and you won't regret ordering this one!

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"Raaw Plate"($16)-variety of sashimi selected by the chef

A decent plate of sushi, with a nice variety. They have a "Premium Plate" that has a larger assortment which we ordered the first time we came, and that one is good as well.

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"Oyako Don" -chicken breast fried with egg, onions and mushrooms served on rice

I'm going to go ahead and say this Oyako Don is the weakest dish I've had of all the times I've been here. Perhaps its my personal preference, but I found this to be too moist and saucy. At the bottom of the bowl there was a little puddle of sauce. We asked our server if it was supposed to be like that, and she said at Raaw they usually make it with more sauce. I think she could tell it was not how we were used to having it, and she offered to replace ours with a less saucy version. Tastewise, I also found it just a tad too bland.

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"Mochi" ($4)-Japanese rice cake with ice cream available in green tea, mango, chocolate

These Mochis were still fairly frozen when it made it to our table, to a point where it was impossible to eat. We had to thawed it out a bit, and they ended up tasting like the ones you can buy in the frozen dessert freezers at T&T. Nothing too special.

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"Tempura Ice Cream" ($6) -fried ice cream

Rob and I ordered 2 desserts, and this ended up being a big mistake, because this Tempura Ice cream turned out to quite a hefty portion! I really enjoyed this dessert though. There are not many places that will serve Tempura Ice Cream, which actually has the ice cream deep fried (vs. covering it with tempura bits). The outer shell was a thick, crispy, and hot layer of batter, wrapping a cold scoop of ice cream. They offer a couple choices for ice cream, and we opted for the Seasame. The hot and cold dessert it sliced open like an orange, topped off with a generous heaping of whipped cream, and served with a martini glass filled with pureed strawberries. For $6, this dessert is more than enough to share, and is sinfully gratifying!

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