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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Richmond Hill] Tomo Sushi

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9625 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Being an "uptown girl" from Richmond Hill, I always find myself struggling to find good spots to eat. There is one exception though, and that's Japanese cuisine. I find places north of Toronto like Gal's Sushi, Inakaya, Inaho Sushi, are easily better than many of the spots downtown. And now I'm happy to announce one more addition to the uptown list: Tomo Sushi!

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Tomo Sushi

The ambiance here is modern and cool, but still relaxing. The waitresses are friendly, and even the chefs smile and nod at you while you you pass the sushi bar on the way to the washrooms.

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They have an extensive menu here, with lots of interesting rolls. It took us a while to decide on just one to share!

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Noodle Soup

You meal comes with a complimentary soup, and you have the option of either traditional miso soup, or this broth based noodle soup with tempura bits. This is easily THE BEST miso soup I've ever had. The skinny noodles are delicious in the mildly sweet miso broth, and it is the perfect portion to keep you tied over before your actual meal arrives. I would actually come here just for this.

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Baked Scallop Roll ($12) -Baked scallop with mushroom

I cannot even begin to describe how good this roll was. I guess I can start by saying that I love scallops, I love mushrooms, and I love cheese. So naturally the generous combination of the three ingredients over a roll was just phenomenal. It didn't take too long before the entirety of this roll disappeared.

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Dinner Combo 5 ($23)- Beef teriyaki, california roll, shrimp tempura

They have a couple bento boxes here that offer a variety and good value. This particular one was beef teriyaki. I liked that it was a decent piece of meat instead of the regular sliced beef stirfry. The rest of the box was on par with expectations.

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Miso Yaki Cod ($12)- Choice of cod or hamachi

I can never resist ordering black cod when it's on the menu, and this time was no exception. I saw this Miso Yaki Cod on the menu and immediately decided to order it. No complaints here! Perfectly cooked, deliciously seasoned, and a sizable portion for its price.

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Chirashi Dinner ($20) -assorted raw fish on a bowl of sushi rice

I was really impressed with this Chirashi in terms of both quality and presentation. It was the whole package: the fish was fresh, good variety, and decent portions. I thought it was also really cute that they sprinkled some sort of gold flakes on top of the red tuna. I highly doubt it was real gold, but it was a nice presentational touch nonetheless.

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Spicy Roll Set ($21) -Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Dynamite Roll

A lot of other reviews online raved about the Spicy Roll Set, so I decided to see for myself how they were. I have a lower-than-average tolerance for spice, but still found that the rolls could have been spicier. Other than that, these were great. A nice consistent balance of rice and fish, and not ruined by too much tempura crunch.

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Mochi Ice Cream ($2.50)

Finished off a good meal with some Mochi Ice Cream. A nice creamy vanilla bean ice cream wrapped in a chewy mochi shell.

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I've actually been here more than once and really enjoyed my experience each time. They are a well-rounded in all fronts, and continually impress me with their food! In the battle of uptown sushi places, Tomo gets my vote for favourte go-to spot! :)

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