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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[Richmond Hill] Kaori Japanese Restaurant

Review Location:
30 High Tech Road, Richmond Hill, ON
(905) 707-8858 ‎

Edamame and Beer

Appetizers: salad, bean sprouts, edamame, miso soup

Top: Spider Roll, Bottom: Blue Ocean Roll

Sushi Boat

Complementary Turnip and Mackerel Dish

So I've been wanting to try Kaori out for a really long time. Partially because there aren't too many good japanese places in richmond hill, and was hoping this would be a hidden gem to be unravelled.

The location of the restaurant used to be an Outback Steakhouse, and it doesn't really seem like they've made an effort to change the decor inside or out. Definitely nothing special here. In fact, there really wasn't anything special here at all.

The food was a really big disappointment. Since there were only two of us, we couldn't order very much. The appetizers were very very salty. This may be just a matter of preference, but I've had these preserved sardines before (made from the mother of one of my korean friends) and I don't remember it being so salty. Even the vinaigrette dressing in the salad was salty.

On to the actual food. In general, the rice was really dry, and the rolls were not well made. The insides of the rolls were falling out, and each roll did not have a consistent ratio between rice and stuffing. The only thing to commend on was the salmon sashimi, which was cut into good size pieces and was relatively fresh. The rest of the sashimi was subpar. The white tuna and squid had a spongy texture to them, and the white snapper and tuna were drenched in lemon juice, which are signs that they weren't fresh to begin with.

Suprisingly, the best thing here was the complimentary dish that was given to us. It was a stew with turnip and some sort of fish (mackerel?). The turnips were soft, and it was very flavourful. Any koreans out there know what dish this is?

For the price we paid, we both felt that we could've eaten something of a lot higher calibre. We wondered at the end of the dinner if the Korean food here would be better (since the restaurant seems to be Korean run), but we're not sure whether or not we want to come back here again to try.

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  1. I generally try to avoid eating Japanese food uptown too, too many disappointments.