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Monday, April 25, 2011

Me Va Me

Review Locaiton:
9302 Bathurst Street
Thornhill, Ontario

This location is relatively new that opened less than a month ago. That being said, the inside is fairly modern and nice. Right when you enter, there is a circular shaped bar on the right side so people can grab drinks while they wait for their tables. While this is a real space killer, it was probably a good idea since they don't take reservations. We waited for quite a bit and ended up getting some beers to pass the time. This is actually the second Me Va Me restaurant location. There is one other restaurant location, and another express location that just offers take out. I've only had the express and have never been to the original restaurant, but from what Rob tells me the food is amazing! People would line up over an hour for it. We came with a table of 10+, so we got to try lots of different dishes!

Table Setting

Pepper is technically food right? I just really liked that the pepper shakers here had whole peppercorns in it. Fancy!

Pickles and Hot peppers

Was a complimentary dish they gave us right after we ordered. I guess the sour is suppose to appetize you, but I don't really care much for it.

 Top: Israeli salad and House Salad. Left: Caesar Salad, Right: greek salad.

I really liked that there was lots of variety in salads. On top of that, they were really well made. The vegetables were all nice and crunchy, and wasn't all soggy and drenched with salad dressing. Almost every table had a salad, so the turnover must have been high enough for there to be a fresh tossed salad when you ordered. I have to say I really enjoyed the caesar salad (which I normally don't prefer because it's so heavy with the dressing, cheese, croutons and bacon). There was a really nice balance in this one. Apparently the Greek salad used to be the most popular salad because it came with a really tasty egg which it now does not have. Perhaps the original location would still have this.

Pita Bread

Probably store bought. Pitas could have been warmed a bit longer, but it was probably because we got a big basket and we couldn't eat them fast enough. It came with both whole wheat and white.

Salad trio -opted choices: Baba Ganoush, Humus, Fried Eggplant

You can actually order all the salad dips separately, but there is an option to order a platter trio allowing you to choose 3 salad dips, getting smaller portions of each than if you were to order them individually. There was a big variety you could choose from, but we played it safe getting ones that were familiar to us. Really good dips in general. One that really stood out was the humus. It was ground to a much finer consistency then I've ever had it, allowing it to be very very creamy. I personally like my humus to be a bit chunky, but everyone else loved the smoothness.

 Left: Salmon and Tomato kebab with roasted potatoes, Right: Lamb kebab platter

Left: Disassembled chicken kebab,  Right: Beef kebab platter

We ordered a bunch of kebab dishes, and due to the very long table we had, I wasn't able to take pictures of everything before it was promptly taken apart and devoured. I took pictures of what I bear with me! Each meal was plated basically the same, so I'll leave it up to your imagination on how the other incomplete dishes looked.

In general all the kebabs were very well cooked and seasoned. The chicken was very tender and juicy, and the lamb had the perfect amount of seasoning to mask that lamb scent that some people can't tolerate.

The carbs were alright too. The potatoes were perfectly cooked but a little under-seasoned despite being coated with oil. The fries tasted exactly like Costco fries, which never fails to satisfy my fry cravings. They serve it with this pot of special ketchup that has a hint of cocktail sauce, which was sort of interesting. Not shown are the mash potatoes that came with one of the dishes. It was mashed with the skin in, had a very thick yet smooth texture, and essentially tasted like eating butter with cream. I liked it, but I don't think everyone would.

I thought this meal was decent, but definitely not as good as good as Sofra Grill. (I shall leave that review for another time...) Rob mentioned that the original Me Va Me is much much better, and is perhaps even better than Sofra Grill. I guess I need to try the original location before I can judge.

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