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Friday, April 22, 2011

Dinner at Rob's House

So because I can't just keep eating at restaurants every day, it was bound to happen where I would have to post some homemade food. But it doesn't matter, because this meal was so good I would've wanted to take pictures of it anyways.

The star of the night was a 15 pound AAA rib roast, costing $75...

After an entire day of cooking...and voila!

Roast Beef with baby potatoes, carrots, and yam

Carving the roast. Look at those that bloody cutting board after. Kind of gross to look at actually...but so good!

The roast beef and ribs plated. The picture doesn't do the portions justice. The rib peices were like the size of bananas. It was like jumbo size ribs!

Top: Potatoes, carrots and yam, left: corn, right: zucchini 

I am actually getting hungry again just posting these pictures. The roast beef was cooked to perfection, and went so well with all the sides. I really liked the potatoes, because they were baked for so long that the skin on the outside was all hard and crispy, almost like eating potato chips! And after all that delicious food, we still managed to find some space for dessert.

DQ soft serve ice cream with strawberries and cantaloupe

Okay. I think I need some time to digest, let the itis kick-in, and pass out....

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