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Friday, December 28, 2012

[Boston] Pinocchio's Pizza and Subs

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74 Winthrop Street
Harvard Square

So where are all my Suits fans at? If you've never seen this show then you need to immediately stop what you're doing, and start watching it. No jokes. But if you have watched the show and are as big of a fan as I am, then you'll recall one of the episodes (S01E07 I believe) where Louis Litt quizzes all the interns. You may be wondering how this has anything to do with food, but the last question ended up being "Where is the best pizza in Harvard?" Louis would later reveal that the best place in his opinion is a hole in the wall establishment called Pinocchio's Pizza and Subs.

Now obviously these are all fictional characters, but these scripts must have been approved by an editor or director, which somewhat substantiates this claim. So off I go with my sister and my boyfriend to try out what must be a Haravard University student's staple!

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Pinocchio's Pizza and Subs

Monday, December 24, 2012

[Recipes] California Walnuts -Savoury & Sweet!

The holidays always seem to be a busy time for everyone. Bustling around the mall to buy gifts, arranging gatherings to celebrate the holiday season, and prepping for a big holiday meal with the family. But I'm not the only one who's busy during the holidays, my kitchen has its work cut out for it too! With so many holiday parties and potlucks, you can really start to run out of ideas!

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California Walnuts

Luckily just a couple weeks ago, Sandy (@savvari) of Milk and Eggs introduced me to a website of interesting recipes, all surrounding one ingredient: walnuts. I'm not any particularly fan of walnuts, despite them being actuall quite the nutrient food. It's jam packed with omega-3, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and other good stuff. But to use them in cooking? That never crossed my mind. Sandy graciously offered to send me a package of California Walnuts (@CAWalnuts) along with some recipes to try out. There were an abundance of recipes ranging from savoury to sweet, who knew they were so versatile? I decided to test out both a savoury and sweet recipe.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[Boston] Avana Sushi

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42 Beach St
Boston, MA

I don't know why, but everything in Boston closes so early. It posed some difficulty one night when we had to have a later dinner. And thats when my sister Amy (@wasabiwaffles), my boyfriend Rob, and my friend John (@j1kim) discovered a hidden gem in the Chinatown area. And when I say hidden, I mean hidden! Even with the exact address and a map of all the streets, my sister and I managed to walk by this place two or three times. But to be fair the store front doesn't exactly scream "FOOD!" infact, I had originally walked passed the building thinking it was an office building. Only when I saw that one sign that said "Avana" did I realize I was here.

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The discrete entrance to Avana Sushi

Friday, December 7, 2012

[Boston] Mike's Pastry

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300 Hannover Street
Boston, MA, USA

Mike's Pastry (@MikesPastry) must be doing something right, because every single person I asked for Boston food recommendations, mentioned this place. I'm not particularly obsessed with Italian desserts, but HOLY CANNOLI this place is good. They're most famous for their traditional classic Italian cannolis, but they have almost every Italian treat imaginable under one roof: biscotties, gelato, cakes, cookies, coffee, you name it. I could go into all the details of the pastry shop's inspiring history, how the successful business has transcended through generations of the family, and how rival Italian bakery Modern Pastry (@ModernPastryINC)is just a block away...BUT, I don't think I have the patience for any of that. These desserts are too good! (But if you WOULD like to read about the history and success story after you drool all over the pictures to follow, please see here.)

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Mike's Pastry

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[Event] Chop Steakhouse & Bar Launch

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801 Dixon Road
Etobicoke, Ontario

Last Thursday I was invited by Mr. Brendan Bailey (@BrendanBaileyPR) to Chop Steakhouse & Bar's VIP launch event. I had seen a couple of chop steakhouses while on vacation in Vancouver, so I had some notion of what a huge deal it was to be invited! A sister restaurant of Toronto's more ubiquitous restaurant Moxies, the newest Ontario location of Chop Steakhouse & Bar (@Chop_TOairport) focuses on offering a new dining experience (what they call Fine Casual Dining) to a great steak. Relaxed, unpretentious, while still serving sophisticated culinary plates using the choicest ingredients.

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Chop Steakhouse Bar