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Friday, April 8, 2011

Puck 'N Wings

Review Location:
10720 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON

Puck N' Wings is actually a franchise, and I'm not sure where all the other locations are, but I was told that there are about 5 other ones in Ontario. This location used to be an All Star Wings and Ribs so the layout of the restaurant hasn't really changed much. The decor is a little bit more themed now, all decked out in hockey stuff (like hockey sticks as jacket hangers) and had TV's at every angle playing different hockey matches.

In terms of the food, I think it's comparable to a lot of wing places.

Left: "Dry Cajun" -onions, bell peppers, chillies, pepper, herbs, garlic, 
Right: "Sweet Red Chili" -garlic, red jalepeno, chili peppers

The first thing I notice when I eat the wings, is that they are very meaty. Sometimes I go to wing places, and sure they are big, but it's just all batter with very dried up tiny wings on the inside. The ones we had here were really juicy with not too much batter. In fact it's almost as if they just deep fried it with no batter on. And even with such a thin layer of batter, the wings were considerably large! Each piece was around 7-10cm. The sauces flavours and combinations are not as unique as some of the other wing places, but we ended up choosing some typical flavours in the end, and as expected, they tasted pretty standard.

"Black N' Tan Onion Rings"

We also decided to order onion rings cause I was really craving it. On the menu, there was an option of regular onion rings, and these Black N' Tan onion rings. Although I'm sure I would've been satisfied getting the regular ones, we couldn't resist ordering these which had this as a description on the menu : "Not your average onion ring. Colossal Spanish onion double dipped in Canadian beer and Stout batter." And I'm so glad we ordered them. They were in fact quite colossal in size, and had a very prominent beer taste in the batter. AMAZING. I highly recommend ordering this if you like beer and/or onion rings.

Overall a good experience.

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