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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mill Street Brewery Pub

Review Location:
55 Mill Street, Building 63
Toronto, Ontario
(Major Intersection: Lakeshore Bvld E & Cherry St.)

My family and I were in the Distillery District the other day and despite raining we had a pretty good time. Kind of sucks that everything except the restaurants close at 5pm on the weekends. Because of that we ended up having an early dinner. Since it was my parent's first time at the Distillery, I felt it would be appropriate to eat at the brewery!

Mill St. Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
I generally don't prefer darker beers because they are so bitter, but this one wasn't too bad. I'm no professional beer connoisseur, but I thought the beer was alright. Could've been a a little colder.

Brewmaster's Mussels
I really liked this dish despite it's small size. The mussels were steamed with some Belgian beer, chorizo, and some other stuff. The beer flavour wasn't overpowering, but strong enough to know its there. The chorizo gave it a nice flavouring.

Distillery Burger
My sister ordered this burger and she had quite a bit of difficulty finishing it. Not because it didn't taste good, but because it was just too much food! The burger came topped with a BBQ sauce made from Mill St. Coffee Porter beer, swiss cheese and crispy fried onions. Really good burger! Meat was juicy and tender. I really liked that the burger came with and egg bread burger bun, because I think it just tastes so much better than regular buns.The fries reminded me of new york fries, and came fresh and hot. Perfect compliment to the burger.

Traditional Roast Beef Dinner
A lot of us ended up ordering this because it sounded so appetizing from the menu! It comes with some steamed vegetables, mash potatoes, yorkshire pudding, and a side of horseradish. I ordered my roast beef medium rare, and found they gave me more of a medium. Despite being a little more cooked than I would've liked it, it was still a very good roast beef. Make sure you come on Sundays after 5pm if you ever want to try this. That is the only time they serve it each week!

Usually my parents don't care much for eating pub food, but they actually said they didn't mind this meal. I guess you can't go wrong with decent food at very decent prices. I really want to come here again in the day time because you get a free brewery tour with your meal!

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