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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[Toronto] Spirits Bar and Grill

Review Location
642 Church St
Toronto, Ontario

One afternoon my co-workers and I went out for a quick lunch. We wanted to sit out in the patio because it was a nice day, so chose this smaller pub in hopes that it wasn't already packed from the lunch crowd. Spirits ended up being the perfect place. This place has it all. They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner, and have an awesome stocked bar. Because I was here for a weekday lunch with the co-workers I didn't end up ordering drinks, but looking through the drink menu I noticed they had an extensive beer list on tap. Even draft Strongbow! Obviously the beer offerings were no match to that of Beer Bistro or other specialized restaurants, but for a tiny pub its not too bad.

"Chicken Avocado Club" ($12.99) -Grilled chicken breast, crispy prosciutto, avocado, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato

I'm a pretty big avocado fanatic, so whenever I see it being offered in sandwiches, wraps or whatever else, I always get suckered into ordering it. I can't resist the creamy avocado goodness! The Chicken Avacado Club was quite satisfying and was well balanced in textures -a nice crunch from the prosciutto, a creamy avocado, freshness from the tomato, and warm gooey melted swiss cheese. The only thing is I wish the bun was toasted.

Roast Beef Dip ($12.99)

My coworker ordered the beef dip, and it looked and smelled so amazingly delicious that I decided to steal a picture and post it. Not sure how it tastes, but my mouth is watering just looking at it. Will definitely order it next time I come.

Overall a nice place to grab a quick lunch. The patio is small but comfortable, server was friendly, and food was decent. With their selection of beer and liquors, I think this would also make a great place to grab drinks after work as well!

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