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Friday, October 19, 2012

[Vancouver] Shady Island Bar and Grill

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3800 Bayview Street
Richmond, British Columbia

Today's restaurant review is located in the historical village of Stevenston nearby Vancouver. The area has lots of little shops, and a boardwalk guiding you along the scenic fisherman's wharf. I was told if you wanted to get fish and chips in the greater vancouver area, Stevenston was the place to do it. Shady Island Bar and Grill, claims that they have "The Best Fish and Chips on the Boardwalk". Those were some powerful words that warranted a try. Taste test time!

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Shady Island Bar and Grill

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My cousins and I on the Stevenston Boardwalk

Before I even start talking a bout the food, lets talk about the location. Shady Island definitely takes the cake when it comes to having a prime location. The restaurant is located next to the boardwalk, providing a picturesque view of Fraser River as part of your dining experience. The sun wasn't out the day I was there, but the boardwalk was still lovely to stroll a long! :)

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Inside the Shady Island

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They're definitely proud to be Canadian here, BONUS POINTS! :)

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Fish and Chips

So here we are, the condentders! Shady Island boasts that "All fish & chips are lightly breaded in our special Shady Island home-made beer batter, cooked in Zero-trans fat 100% canola oil, served with coleslaw & French fries"

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Cod and Chips ($16.99) -Ocean caught filets

Cod and Haddock are most commonly used for fish and chips, so as far as familiarity goes, the Cod and Chips was pretty normal. The fish texture was a little off, being more mushy than flakey, but the batter was nicely done. The chips were a little bit too salty for me, but nothing some vinegar and ketchup can't fix. A solid traditional attempt at serving fish and chips.

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Salmon and Chips ($13.99) - BC Salmon Filets

While cod is most commonly selected as the choice to be used for fish and chips, salmon is definitely on the other end of that spectrum. I didn't think the texture of cooked salmon really went well with batter, but this was anticipated. The salmon taste comes through more prominently than the cod, giving a little bit of a twist to your traditional fish and chip style. The flavour profile is definitely an interesting one, but I personally prefer the traditional.

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Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

We ordered some chicken wings to share with the table, and was surprisingly impressed. We didn't order any complicated flavour, but they were tasty, and deep fried to a crunchy gold brown. Who would've thought a fish and chips joint would have good wings? Maybe I'll consider trying ordering seafood at Popeye's next time. 

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The Claim: Best on the Boardwalk

So back to the ultimate question, was this the best fish and chips? Definitely not. But were they the best on the boardwalk? Probably not, but I really have no way of knowing. Anyone been in the Stevenston area who can provide some insight? To be completely honest though, when something is advertised as "The Best", peoeple generally expect more. Unfortunately, Shady Island fell a little bit short for me.

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