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Friday, June 17, 2011

[Vaughan] Wegz Stadium Bar

Review Location:
2601 Rutherford Road
Vaughan, Ontario
(major intersection: Rutherford Rd & Jane St)

One of the nights during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a bunch of my friends and I went to this bar to grab some dinner and watch the game. This is one of the nicer sports bars I've been to, and they really try to channel to all sports fans. There is a golf simulator, darts boards, bowling alley, even an area for betting on horses.
Around the entire premise there is one long LED scroll bar that displays the scores of all sports playing that night. It's similar to those stock exchange scroll displays that show you the current prices of different stocks. Anways, we figured it would be a good idea to come here to watch the game since the place is overflowing with TVs, including one massive projector screen. It's not as big as the one at Real Sports Bar, but it's probably the second biggest bar TV screen I've seen in Toronto. They don't take reservations, so for our party of 10+ people, we had to go pretty early. Luckily we get a long table close to the huge TV. The first thing to note, is that it was insanely loud. "I-can't-hear-the-person-next-to-me" loud. I guess the volume was good for when the game was one, but was definitely too much for the regular music with amped up bass.

"All American Nachos" -Tri colour corn tortillas with a blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, Jalapeño peppers and green onions served with a side of salsa and sour cream 

We started off by shared a plate of nachos amongst a few of us, and since I was so famished going into dinner, I thought they tasted pretty good. In hindsight, the nachos were pretty standard. There really isn't much "cooking" involved with nachos, so it's hard to screw up. Was a pretty generous portion, and they really load on the cheese.

Left: Rajun "South West Burger", Right:: "Cajun Burger" 

"Prime Rib Burger"

I ordered the Prime Rib Burger, but decided to snap some pictures of  the other burgers people ordered. You can also see from the pictures some of the other side options  that were offered. I tried one of the onion rings from my friend's dish, and they were pretty tasty! They had a special type of sweet batter that made the onion rings extra good. My Prime Rib Burger ended up to be alright. The meat wasn't too dry, but lacked a bit of flavour. I ended up loading on the ketchup to compensate. In a way I was lucky because most people said that their Southwest and Rajun Cajun burgers were dry and disappointing. I guess this indicates the meat quality difference from the prime rib patty, and a regular patty. You can go check out my friend John's Blog to see his harsh take on the Rajun Cajun burger. 

"Haddock Fish and Chips"-Beer battered haddock filet with Stadium Fries, tartar sauce and coleslaw  
This entree was probably the only commendable food item that was ordered that night. The batter was surprisingly thin, and there was a generous portion of fish inside. It was moist and tasted like actual fish rather than those fillets that lose all flavour as a result of being frozen for so long. Filling and tasty.

Overall, it'd say it was a pretty disappointing experience in terms of food. I'm not sure whether or not the food was just done poorly the day I went due to the volume of people that were there for the game, but I guess that speaks to the consistency of food preparation as well. The environment is great though, and I wouldn't discount this sports bar as a great place to watch the game, or hang out and order some drinks. Just make sure you eat before hand if possible!

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