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Thursday, January 5, 2012

[Japan] Grom Gelato

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6-31-15, Mansion 31 1F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku , Tokyo,- Japan

Before coming to Japan, it was an unknown fact to me how good the milk is here. I thought living in Canada with its abundance of cattle and other livestock out in the Praries, we'd have incomparable milk. It wasn't until my cousin Dawnee from Hong Kong enlightened me about how good Japanese milk products were, that I made it a goal to have some while I was visiting Japan. I believe her exact words were "I had a ice cream/gelato everyday!". Well then, gelato it is.

In Japan, most of the milk is produced from Hokkaido, Japan's second largest island. Their milk is notorious for being the best tasting and smoothest milk. Why you ask? Milking cows raised in Hokkaido take advantage of the region's rich grassy fields and clean fresh air, making them healthier. Naturally, better milk makes for better gelato!

(Oh, and fun fact of the day, Hokkaido's largest city is Sapporo --home of the first and original Sapporo brewery. For all you beer-fanatics out there!)

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Grom store

Anyways, I finally encountered a nice little gelato shop while I was in the Shibuya region. Little did I know this was not a little shop at all! Grom Gelato did not originate from Japan, and is actually an Italian Chain. However, they boast on using all natural, no additives, and local ingredients, so it makes me wonder if the milk used would be from Hokkaido?

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I walk up to the counter, and there is a very simple English menu hanging on the wall, offering either gelato, sorbet, or a mixed frappe drink.

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I take a quick scan and immediately knew I would have a hard time deciding on gelato flavours. I ended up choosing Bacio and Salted Caramel, but to my disappointment the latter was sold out!

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Top: "Crema di Grom" - Battifollo biscuits and Colombian Teyuna chocolate chips
Bottom: "Bacio" - Venezuelan Ocumare chocolate and Tonda Gentile hazelnut chips

The lady at the counter recommended Crema di Grom to us as a replacement, and so we did just that. Both flavours were delicious! Their ice cream is packed with ingredients; the Bacio had large chunks of hazlenuts, and the Crema di Grom had graham cracker crumbs that were still crunchy. The gelato is sweet but not overdone, and it is unbelievably smooth and creamy. Heaven!

The only dissapointment I have is that Grom is predominantly located in Italy. The closest locations to Toronto is a 10 hour drive away in New York, or a 3 hour flight to Miami. Will definitely keep my eyes peeled when in these cities!