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Thursday, January 12, 2012

[Hong Kong & Japan] McDonald's in Asia

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Mcdonald's  in Japan & Hong Kong

I don't know about you, but I really love going to different places and seeing a new and interesting Mcdonald's menus. I know it's not fine dining or gourmet food, but something about Mcdonald's just gets to me. I guess it's one of those places that just grew up with you, been through thick and thin, early and late, and no matter what happens you'll probably still eat it. A timeless classic in my books  that you can never get bored of!

So when I went to Asia, I had Mcdonalds a couple of times. It's interesting to see how they have different twists on common North American food items (mango flavoured flavoured ice cream, taro pies, etc), but it's even more exciting when you see an item that you don't find in your homeland.


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Mcdonald's in Narita, Japan
Rob and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at the airport on our way back to HK from NRT. We felt the occasion warranted for some convenient, quick, and affordable food. Oh, that and I saw that they had a Shrimp Burger here!

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"Filet-O-Ebi" Meal
Well, actually, the technical name for it was Filet-O-Ebi, since "ebi" in Japanese translates to shrimp.

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Kind of looks like a North American Filet-O-Fish at first  glance. Well, with the added leaf of lettuce.

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"Filet-O-Ebi" Patty
When you bite into it, that's when you know it's not the filet o fish burger. The patty is as real as it gets for fast food, comprised mostly of ground up shrimps. However, here and there you can see bite size chunks of what you can make out to be who small shrimps. There was also a sauce in the burger that I really liked.

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"Big Mac"
Rob ordered the transbordered classic, the Big Mac. I wanted to snap a quick picture of it just to show you the difference in the patty. It's noticibly thinner, and tasted (if you can believe it) even more artificial. Guess that's understandable since North American has much abundant and higher quality beef.

Hong Kong

Items ordered: Fries, McWings, McChicken and Shogun Burger.

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First off, I need to introduce the best part about this meal...the fries! These aren't your regular french fries, these are ShakeShake Fries! Everyone once in a while, I notice that Hong Kong will have these (similar to how they bring back the McRib once in a while for a limited time), and the concept is a seasoning shaker for your fries. Sort of like when you add seasoning packets to your theater popcorn.

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Seasoning Packets
Aside from seaweed, they had a couple flavours like curry, salt and pepper, french onion.

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Shake shake!
Comes well equipped with a shake shake bag too! Although really, it's just another McDonald's paper bag.

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"ShakeShake Fries"
TA DA! Just when you thought the to-die-for McDonald's french fires couldn't get any better; delicious shake shake fries!

Next up, McWings. Just  as it sounds, it's McDonald's version of a deep fried chicken wing. They come in a box, and you can order them in sets of 4, 6, or 10.

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This is a regular menu item in Hong Kong, and it's another one of my favourites. The wings are pretty meaty, and the batter on the outside is deep fried crispy, but not at all greasy. You can ask for dipping sauce packets, but I liked them just plain.

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"Shogun Burger"
The Shogun Burger was kind of lacking if you ask me. From the photograph you can tell that it literally looks like a patty between two buns, and trust me, it wasn't much better in person. The pork patty was pretty rubbery, and was drenched in what I can only assume is a Teriyaki sauce. There was a combined 4 shreds of lettuce on it, nothing like it's shown in the advertisement! 

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Rob decided to add some of the seaweed seasoning from the shake shake fries to try to "shake" things up. Made it slightly more enjoyable, because let's face it -- everything tastes better with seaweed on it. Would probably not order this again.