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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[Hong Kong] Super Fast Food

Location Review:
Shop 108, 1/F, City One Plaza,
1 Ngan shing Street, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

As a first meal of the first day in Hong Kong, Rob and I decided to have a Hong Kong style breakfast in the plaza below my appartment. Just like the name of the restaurant may hint, this place is less of a restaurant and more so fast food. You order, get a chit, pass your chit to a lady behind a food counter which resembles a cafeteria serving station, and then wait for your food to be made.

Serving counter

They don't offer too much of a variety here, serving only snack items, staple Chinese breakfast food, and cart noodles.

Deep fried dough sticks (油炸鬼) and Soya milk ($13 HKD)

Deep fried dough sticks are a pretty common breakfast item for Chinese people. They are almost like Western style donuts except without the sugar and deep fried. I saw the food lady fry it fresh when I ordered so it was so hot, crispy and so so good. The combo came with a refreshing soya bean milk to wash it down. Usually you're supposed to have the dough sticks with hot soya milk, but the already hot hong kong weather warranted for a cold one.

Congee and Rice noodle roll ($21 HKD)

The second breakfast we ordered was congee and rice noodle roll. Both of these in conjunction with the deep fried dough stick make up the most common chinese breakfast foods. A lot of dim sum places (even ones in Toronto) serve rice noodle rolls, but in a restaurant style: uncut, neatly arranged, with condiments served on the side. However, here it was actually served "street" style which is where the rice roll is chopped up to bite size peices, placed in a basket, and sauced up to be eaten with wooden spears. The combination mixture of the sauces may look like a sloppy mess, but its delicious!