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Thursday, October 20, 2011

[Hong Kong] Tsui Wah (翠華餐廳)

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493 - 495, Jaffe Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tsui Wah is a very popular Hong Kong style restaurant that currently has a handful of locations across Hong Kong. Being relatively affordable and open 24 hours, it's a popular spot for getting a snack or meal during the off hours. Don't go expecting stellar service and a fancy dining room though. Like typical Hong Kong style tea restaurants, the selling point here is a place to grab decent, quick, and affordable food.

Sitting down, they offer a full menu, and a Top 10 Dishes menu. On this list are classic items like Hong Kong style milk tea, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fish ball noodle, and Condensed milk crispy bun. Not feeling too adventurous, I decided to stick with the basics and ordered mostly from that menu.

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Crispy bun served with sweet condensed milk (脆奶油猪) ($14 HKD)

I actually love this and make it at home all the time, but on regular bread instead of a piggy bun. I love the smell of melted butter, and combine that with the salty sweet of the butter and condensed milk, it's drool-worthy! Usually when I make it at home I hold back on the butter and condensed milk for health reasons, but here, they slather it on and makes it almost an indulgence. Such a treat. I advise all to go into their kitchen and make this right now!

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"Chive Dumplings in Fish Soup" 

Didn't have any since this was my friend's order, but it looks delish!

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"Sizzling King Prawn with Fried Noodle" ($72 HKD)

This dish came out fresh on a sizzling hot plate looking and smelling heavenly. The noodles were made very crunchy, but I simply did not enjoy the sauce. It is VERY spicy (if the giant chili peppers hadn't given that away yet..) to a point where it was unenjoyable. Perhaps a higher spice tolerant tongue would appreciate this more than I did.

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"Fish Balls and Fish Cakes with Rice Noodle and Fish Soup" (魚蛋魚片頭粉) ($29 HKD)

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Close up of the fish balls and fish cakes

I find with fish ball noodles, it's not an easy dish to screw up, but also not the easiest to make memorable. I found the fish balls a bit peppery, but aside from that they were delicious. They weren't soggy like most frozen ones, and had a "bouncy" crisp texture. The noodles were nothing astounding on its own, but in conjunction with the fish soup, it was so satisfying. A classic dish well-made.

Overall, one of the better Hong Kong style restaurants I've been to. My one regret is not ordering the milk tea. I was worried about not being able to fall asleep after, but it probably would've been worth it. I've had it here before, and it's up there on the milk tea scale. I also see lots of people order the barley lemon water (薏米水) which could be a good order as well. Next time for sure.