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Saturday, October 29, 2011

[Hong Kong] Satay King (沙嗲王)

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4th Floor,Wu Sang House,No. 655 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

After a day of shopping with Rob, we went to look for some dinner. I guess by now you can tell this is a common routine for me... Anyways, I did a quick look on Open Rice (which is basically the Urbanspoon of Hong Kong) and chose the highest ranking restaurant close to where we were. Random restaurant venturing? I'm down.

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The restaurant is supposed to be pirate themed: they have a couple statues of pirates, skeletons, treasure chest, and some barrel and boat looking tables and seats. It's dim inside, but don't expect it to be a romantic venue. The turnover of tables is quick, and so it's quite busy and lively.

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Booth seats to the side of the restaurant where we were sitting

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Because of how big this place is, they have service buttons at the bottom of their menu holders. I think it's neat because they have different buttons for different things. If I want a refill on water, I can press the "refill water" button. The waiter will come to the table with water, which saves them the first trip of having to come ask you what you need.

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When you push for service your table number will pop up. Gives you an indication of how many tables you'll have to wait before you get served!

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White Curry Pork Chop with Rice 白咖喱豬扒飯 $38

This dish seems to be a popular favourite since every table had an order of this, and I can definitely see why. It comes with 3 pieces of freshly pan fried pork chops in a dish of white curry sauce. I don't know what it is, but the sauce was super delicious. Sweet, very coconuty, and extremely creamy. Definitely not your traditional curry, but it was tasty none the less.

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Soft Shell Crab Appetizer 椒鹽自養肥大軟殼蟹 $48

Rob has a soft spot for soft shell crab (pun not intended...). To us, it's a must order item if it exists on the menu. Thus far we've only had it at Japanese places, (and more commonly in sushi roll form) so this would be the first we've had it done any other style! We ordered this assuming it would be a small portion. Turns out, it's big enough to be a meal! The crab is nice and crunchy, and comes with a generous heaping of fried cashew nuts, eggplant, zucchini, and shredded pork. This entire thing would be quite dry, but with the greenish dill and lime dipping sauce, it was perfect.

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Crab and Egg Tofu Pot 日式蟹粉豆腐鍋 ($38 HKD)

As appetizing as it looks, I didn't actually enjoy this dish that much. The sizzling hot pot ended up cooking the runny raw egg too fast, and the soup quickly congealed to the consistency of pudding. It was very very thick and heavy. The few bits of crab meat on top quickly got lost by the overwhelming volumne of everything else, and didn't really add anything to the dish as a whole. To top it off, it was noticeably bland tasting. Considering how sensitive my tastebuds usually are, I think that says a lot.

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The tofu in the pot were cut up into little cubes like this. The entire bowl was filled with these, and in conjunction with the egg, it was a very filling dish. I think it would take a very very hungry me to finish this and the bowl of rice that it came with.

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Taiwanese Passion Fruit Green Tea with Jelly

Probably not the best picture I could've taken, but I wanted to post it because the jelly here is so good! With fruity bubble teas, I'm used to having the hard cubed lychee jelly cubes, but the jelly here was one big soft blob at the bottom. When you use your straw to have the drink, the big blob of jelly will get forced through the straw and come out as a long tube. Such a simple concept, but it had me entertained.

Best part about this restaurant? The Obama statue outside in the waiting area. Snapped this photo quickly before we were leaving. Taking a picture with a powerful politician is always a great way to close off a meal, no?