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Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Hong Kong] Suzuki Cafe Company (鈴木珈啡館)

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Location Review:
Shop L407, 4/F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
尖沙咀彌敦道100號The ONE 4樓L407號舖

This location of Suzuki Cafe Company is located in my favourite malls in Hong Kong. It's just under a year old, so everything is nice and new inside! While there are lots of nice luxurious malls to occupy yourself with in Hong Kong, for whatever reason I really like this one. Perhaps it's because it's a massive 30 story building (making it the tallest shopping complex in Hong Kong) with 25 floors, of which 15 of those have food and restaurants! But it's not only that, there's also some clothing brands I really like there, but that's a story for another type of blog. So lets get back to Suzuki Cafe.

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Restaurant Front
A picture from Open Rice tells me that this location has a very nice view from their window seats, but unfortunately we got the seats near the door shown in this picture. If ambiance is key for you, then I would recommend requesting window side seats.

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Soft Shell Crab & Mango Pizza 芒果軟殼蟹PIZZA ($56 HKD)
Japanese pizzas are different from Italian style ones, in that the pizza crust is think and crispy. It's almost like eating a crispy flat bread to some degree. I quite enjoyed this pizza from Suzuki, and found it a refreshing change to anything other Japanese pizza I've tried. The soft shell crab was meaty and crunchy, and the diced mangos were frangrantly sweet and very ripe. The combination of the two served with a tangy mango mayo on a crunchy flat bread, made it one tasty package. It's not a whole lot of food, so if you're looking for a snack to share with someone, these pizzas could be it.

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"Garlic pork & Okinawan Onsen Tamago" 沖繩溫泉蛋蒜香豚肉飯鍋($78 HKD)

Despite the fancy description on the menu, especially the part about it being an Okinawan onsen egg, the dish didn't fare far from being just a regular Japanese beef rice bowl. However disappointed, I will go and say that it was really good. The pork is heavily marinated with garlic and ginger soya sauce, and when you mix it all up with the rice, onions, and runny egg, the combination was delicious. But what I enjoyed the most, was the way it smelled. The strong scent of cooked garlic, ginger, and soya sauce made it extremely appetizing.